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Problems faced by the developed and the developing countries in the area of welfare services demand radically different approaches. Whereas, the developed countries are putting the responsibility primarily on the government, the developing countries are struggling to mobilise their own resources or look for foreign assistance for this purpose.



JEJ is an initiative iand running entirely with the help of volunteers. There are registered members and volunteers, comprising of Presidents Vice Presidents, workers at several cities of Pakistan



Voluntary donation from individuals ranging from Rs. 5 to many hundreds of thousand of rupees, support the initiative’s activities, the emphasis is on individuals social masses contribution are also made in form of food, clothing medicines etc



Management of all funds is centralised and remains in the exclusive controls of Founders & Dir HR who are personally involved in all operations of the initiative.. They are also responsible national and international fund-raising.

Samana Riaz Hashmi

Founder Profile

Samana Riaz Hashmi is social worker and multi-talented individual who works for the wealth and welfare of Pakistan’s poor society. She organises events and does various activities for kids,orphans,special children and old homes to bring hope and kindness back into there hearts so that they may find the will to live again as well as be thank full to Allah for all there blessings.

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